How to Choose Suitable ATV for the Youth

All-Terrain Vehicles are sturdy, stylish and versatile vehicles which are popular among the adventure seeking youth. As these vehicles are manufactured in correspondence with the age factor, the ATVs designed for the youth have different features from vehicles designed for adults. Here are a few tips that might help you to choose a quad bike designed for youth.

First of all, decide the model by taking into consideration the capability of the kid to ride it. Four wheelers designed for youth are available from vehicles fitted with 50cc engines that would be suitable for a six year old and above. Slightly older children would be able to manage 90cc engines.Also, the child should be comfortable with the size of the ATV too. For instance, they should be able to reach to the foot pegs and all the controls with ease. Moreover, your child should be able to touch the ground with one foot while seated in the vehicle. So you can take your child along and go for a test drive before actually buying the vehicle to see how comfortable the kid is riding it.

Most of the manufacturers of youth ATVs provide extra security measures for the vehicle. Some of the safety features that these four wheelers incorporate are parental safety switch or engine shut- off tether cords which help to turn off the vehicle in cases of emergency, an adjustable throttle stop to limit the accelerator pedal level and a speed limiter which helps the parent to control the speed of the vehicle. So, take care to buy the vehicle which has these features.

3. Moreover, most of these quad bikes come with electric starters as they are apt for the kids to start them without much trouble. Similarly, many ATVs designed for youth do not have a reverse gear so as to minimise accidents. So you can buy your kid a vehicle which offers all of these feature

In addition to all this, purchase all the required accessories and protective clothing along with the vehicle. Never let your child ride the four-wheeler without a protective helmet, goggles, gloves, boots, full sleeve shirt and long pants.

Have you bought an ATV designed for youth? What are the features that you took into consideration? Share with us your experience with the vehicle.

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