Scooter Riding

Age Recommendations

You have to be at least 16 years of age for scooter riding. This would entitle you to ride a scooter/motorcycle up to 50cc. For scooters over 50cc, the enthusiasts must at least be 17 years of age or above (subject to the rules and regulations implemented in most states). Furthermore, scooter training falls into 3 main categories:

Moped - the riders belonging to this group must possess a license and be 16 years and above. (Amoped is a motorcycle that has a design speed not exceeding 50kph and an engine capacity not exceeding 50cc.)
Light Motorcycle - this category is for motorcyclists & scooter riders possessing vehicles between 75cc and 125cc; with a power output of 11Kw. You must be 17 or above for Scooter Riding at this stage.
Standard Motorcycle - this category is for a motorcycle/scooter between 121cc and 125cc. A proper riding license and 17 years of age or older is required in this case.

Health Disclosure

Like many other exercise, scooter riding involves physical fitness and mental stability. People who take it as a passion and the ones who use scooters as a part of their routine unconsciously benefit from such a workout.

i. Benefits

Although there are several benefits of scooter riding; in context to health, we have outlined a few for you to have a slight idea of what it does for you.

increases cardiovascular fitnessresults in physical strengthenhances balance and flexibilityreduces stress and develops a stronger immune system

ii. Associated Syndromes & Injuries

JHS - joint hyper mobility syndrome; children with hyper mobile joints have movement difficultieswheeled sports is a leading cause of Head injuryDown syndrome- proper assistance can help individuals with down syndrome to learn & make progressPiriformis Syndrome - scooter riding canreduce the inflammation and/or tightness associated with this condition


People familiar with Scooter Riding would attest the fact that there is nothing more enjoyable as this activity. This is probably because it involves more than just a simple trick to ride a scooter. The fun filled sessions; going up-hill and down-hill, through muddy tracks takes you out of the world. In fact, this is one of the most significant features of Scooter Riding that it blends the features of the BMX and skating both, allowing the users to discover endless creativity options. You can simply amaze people by doing quick tricks like tail whip, kick flip, or double tail whip, etc as a stunts man.

Being a healthy physical activity, Scooter Riding helps improve mental health too. It is generally refereed to as a stress reliever. On one hand, it gives you a chance to expand your social circle; meeting people having similar hobbies, and on the other hand provides a chance to explore new places. This is not all; Scooter Riding enhances energy levels, incorporating a moderate exercise as a part of your routine. Aside from this, it has a deep impact on the community as well. Firstly, by decreasing the number of cars on the road and secondly it is less harmful for the environment; reduces pollution. This type of an activity tends to be an example for the community and encourages others to pour-in positively.

And the best part of Scooter Riding is the craziness behind customizing it. People go wild about moulding their rides in whatever way desirable. They compete at local and national levels, taking deep interest in similar modified vehicles. Unlike the traditional games like football or volleyball, etc, Scooter Riding involves creativity. However, owning a bike can be a slightly expensive hobby but you can always rent a scooter for spending a few leisure hours! The only thing that should be kept in mind is the security and safety measure. Abiding the rules will definitely keep you from being harmed and ensure public safety.

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