Yamaha Super Tenere XT1200 review

Ride comfort is big in the Super Tenere with a bright seat for the passenger and the driver and the bike is only that my wife will generally ride in the back a Honda GL1800 Goldwing of luxury and liked the Super Tenere. The total ergonomics of the bike could not have been better for tourism road. However if you want to get off the road where the best and most effective to control these big bikes is to stand, it would be difficult to find even the best dirt bike with a better and more natural without foot position changes peg or bar.

Fuel economy is where you would expect from a bike of great adventure as the Tenere, which seems to get 16 or 17 km per liter in serious situations of dirt and if on roads/highways for fuel economy, I think that it is very feasible that kilometer per liter of reading on the dashboard often at kilometer 24 more by KPL litrereadings from 19 to 23, but I've never ridden on roads long enough to get the better of him. I am sure that in thehands a pilot capable of Super Tenere would be capable of some impressive kilometers per liter readings. The bike was a surprise for me because while you are in class BMW 1200GS, still I felt really light and agile to throw around in reasonably tight situationsk Off Road. This is obviously because Yamaha have put a lot of thought and effort into having a low centre of gravity for the rider.

To summarize the 1200 XT Super Tenere, ain't no KTM 990 Adventure is not your class, but if you are looking for a bike adventure that fits into the category of BMW1200GS, Yamaha fills more than necessary. In addition, at a price of retail that could completely configure it with accessories, including GPS and more and still under a standard stock price BMW and the really good thing about the Super Tenere XT1200 is to be a Yamaha will be very reliable, since it has an already solid as a rock tested motor and Yamaha many is reliable!

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