: The motorcycle, the original equipment or aftermarket?

It is almost customary to replace the exhaust system as soon as you are out of the showroom. This is what most riders do, in any case, in order to increase the efficiency of the bike. Although they have improved recently, the original equipment (EO) exhaust systems are heavier and have a restrictive compared to the exhaust gas flow in the secondary market of exhaust systems; the weight factor reduces the efficiency of the bike, especially sports bikes. This is a turn off to most riders. Another important note taking is EO exhaust pipes are installed in the baffles that create back pressure to reduce noise emissions. This is not the Auger with the most riders. However, as attractive as will replace the stock exhaust sounds like, it is important to learn the basics of motorcycle exhaust pipe. This will help in determining your slip-ons, or replacement of the unit.


This is also known as the exhaust manifold. The titles are largely used in the exhaust pipe and the combustion engine to facilitate the free movement of the exit point. There are two types of labels; OE (original equipment) to the top and the aftermarket header. OEs to use the titles of alloying of iron in Ferroalloy, which blocks the airflow, making it less effective in comparison to aftermarket header.

The Catalyst:

Catalytic converters used to catalyze or minimize the toxins are released into the environment. There are two types of catalytic converters, everyone has a different way of reducing carbon dioxide emissions:

1. the Interior of the converter; which oxidizes carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and water. It will also break down the hydrocarbons in the less toxic emissions.

2. three way the converter; that break down toxins in the oxidation and reduction process.

Resonators, mufflers and silencers:

All of these are used to the noise, the high speed is what at least the exhaust gas from the engine. Silencers are most effective; they reduce the back pressure well to some extent. Sometimes riders tend to undermine the effectiveness of these devices by adding the engine power. It is important to note that more and more engine noise emissions. Excessive noise can be minimized, scarf, plugs and slip-ons.

The Exhaust Pipe:

This is the exhaust gas outlet. A variety of exhaust pipes, but a common one is: one on the exhaust pipe and the split-exhaust pipes. The most common share on the exhaust pipe is a V-twin-exhaust pipe. Manufacturers use split exhaust pipes to reduce noise without compromising engine power.

Exhaust pipes in order to avoid to be taken care of, is rusting, which will lead to increasingly greater numbers of wear. Worn tubes are much nosier, especially if your disk is corrupted.

Motorcycle exhaust system depends on the harmonious progress in all of these constituents. Each part has an important role to play towards the production of exhaust system; Therefore, if one part is defective, the whole system goes down. These parts are available in the secondary market. However, the motorcycle exhaust pipes in stock not to be regarded as ineffective. In fact, by adding a slip of a sports bike. Cruisers, instead, maybe the complete replacement of the entire exhaust system.

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