One Wheeled Motorbikes - I Want One

A friend of mine showed me a cool video he saw on YouTube and it blew my mind. It was a video of a guy named Chris Hoffman, inventor of RYNO Motors, riding a one wheeled motorbike (His invention). Chris figured out a way to build a self balancing, environmental friendly, Segway-like vehicle with better maneuverability, improved storage capabilities, and way cooler looking that the Segway. About five years back, his daughter was playing a video game screen and asked him to build the fictitious unicycle she saw on screen. Five years later, RYNO motors is about to launch sales, estimated to hit market in January 2013.

Maneuverability and compactness are key. Because of its small size and one wheeled architecture, the micro-cycle can go where other vehicles cannot. On the sidewalk, into the front door of your apartment building, up the elevator, down the hallway, and into your apartment where it takes up just a fraction of the space required for a bicycle or a Segway. Two areas this is specifically helpful is parking and day to day police activities.

Large cities with huge corporate buildings and condos/apartment complexes suffer when it comes to parking. The one wheeled motorbike would certainly alleviate some of this stress, especially if stored inside. If stored outside, it'd still be a good amount smaller than a car or a motorcycle. Secondly, the low speed maneuvering and easy access to interacting with people make it very desirable among the Portland Police (RYNO motors is located in Portland, Oregon).

These are intended for short city commuting and can go about 30 miles on one charge off a zero pollutant 36 volt 32 amp battery which slides out easily with a carrying handle and key lock. Controls are pretty standard motorcycle/Vespa controls - twist throttle and handbrake. Max speed for one these is 20 mph. Faster might be fun but RYNO motors wants to keep its customers safe and 20mph is a good max speed.

Last but not least, they look awesome. There has been some discussion about allowing people to personalize their own bike design - I'll be the first to let you know if this becomes available and will let you know when I get to pimp out mine. Practical and good looking, it was love at first site. I want one! Many of my friends and readers do as well, and I will be sure to let everyone know once I know when and where we can get one of these.

David Toub is a strong believer in one wheeled motorbikes. You can check out other one wheeled motorbike articles and feel free to contact David with any questions here: OneWheeledMotorbikes Contact

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