Tips group motorcycle safely

Often we see large motorcycles, horseback riding, as well as 15, 20 or 30 bikes. These large motorcycles are usually spread over one, two or even three lanes. Motorcyclists behind these large groups are in a precarious situation, that run red lights to keep the Group endanger themselves and others on the road. Is a safer way to drive even though the number of riders.

A large group of riders can be divided into several smaller groups of motorcycles. Due to the size of a large group of riders will lead to the same place, one of the smaller group arrives in the moments before the start of the second, third, or fourth group security is easy to make a decision. If you have ten motorcycles, divided into two groups of five riders, eight motorcycles in two groups of four, etc.. Before driving, make sure the destination and the route then ride bikes staggered formation.

Ensure that each small group lead rider is an experienced and conservative. The rider should keep the Group lead to the center lane, when it is possible and to avoid constant lane changes. In addition, the lead motorcyclist should know about traffic and do the best to be the group to prevent others. It is perfectly acceptable, if you need to move the right drivers to move on. Hand signals is always a good idea, but the best is used at least and discussed before the ride.

Each small group of riders must do their best to stick together and give sufficient space for the motorcycle in a safe stop, but not so much that the car feel they have enough space to pull in mid group. In the back of the rider should keep other riders falling back too far.

Discuss the ride before leaving, so all the riders in the group know where they should be. It never hurts to have a discussion about motorcycle safety tips in advance, other riders to ask their pre-ride checks on a motorcycle and discuss any hand signals, you can use while driving. New motorcycle rider must avoid a group ride, until they become familiar with the bike and the different situations in traffic. Everything gives way to the attention and keep the shiny side.

Jerry "supplies" Palladino is shown over 3,000 motorcycle safety seminars across the country on half-time Deputy Sheriff for his work. More than 13 years to ride like a pro courses are taught to thousands of students and have never had a single accident or injury.

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