Covermax Standard Motorcycle Cover

Looking for a way to keep the dust/elements off your bike over the winter months? Covermax's Standard Motorcycle Cover is perfect because it's cheap, and it works like it's suppose to!


What's more simple than being able to toss a lightweight motorcycle cover over your bike and leave it for the winter? The Standard Covermax cover is an all weather cover that is water resistant, so you can park the bike outside if you don't have storage or garage space.

Bang For Your Buck!

Although this is one of the cheapest motorcycle covers on the market, it isn't just a fitted tarp that goes over your bike. It has air vents that you can keep closed or open to let the built-up moisture out from under the cover. Reinforced grommets are sewn into the cover so you can bungee it around your motorcycle, making sure it stays on through windy days. It has an elastic bottom to keep the cover even tighter to the motorcycle, helping keep debris out.

It Does Its Job

Other than the few features that most good bike covers have, there's nothing too extravagant about the standard Covermax bike motorcycle cover. If you want cheap and simple, this is it. It won't last forever, but it will protect your bike like it's suppose to, possibly saving your hundreds in the long run. Plus, it keeps the sun off your bike, making the paint and colors last much longer. For what it is, it's hard to go wrong at this price.


Of course you have to realize that this cover isn't going to be perfect when it costs only a fraction of some other covers. Some owners complain that it fades from the sun after 1-2 years. This generally doesn't affect the function of it, but some people just want their stuff to look nice. Another downside of the Covermax Standard motorcycle cover is that you have to wait for the bike to cool down before you put it on. It doesn't have heat shields to cover the exhaust like some expensive covers, so you have to put up with it if it's raining after a ride.

It's Pocket Change

If you just need something to stay over your bike, this is the best way to go. It's cheap, it works, and it's still pretty durable. If you don't mind the setbacks, look no further. It also comes with a storage bag if you want to bring it with on a trip.

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