Loud Motorcycle Exhausts: A Nuisance or a Protective Measure?

Motorcycle exhaust systems are an important part of the motorcycle. They produce a throaty sound while emitting gas. Stock exhausts produce moderate sounds; still, these systems can be manipulated to be either loud or silent. You will probably hear the loud pipes when you come across motorcycle clubs doing their rounds on highways. Recently, the Palm Springs by-laws were amended to increase punitive measures against riders with loud pipes within residential areas. The question is "are they being hard on riders?"

Noise is relative. What may be noise to me maybe music to someone else. Most riders do not regard loud pipes as a nuisance. To them it's a lifestyle. However, they ought to know that when their "lifestyle" crosses the line it becomes a nuisance to someone else. Most of these loud pipes are customized thus a deliberate action. In this regard, I commend the laws that have been put in place in most States to regulate the amount of noise being produced by riders.

There are always two sides to a coin. Let us take an analytical evaluation of loud pipes. Looking at the road accidents statistics, rider death toll is higher compared to that of other motorists. Motorcycles are small; therefore they are less likely to be noticed by other motorists especially on highways. Besides wearing bright colored clothes and having the headlight on at all times, riders may also use loud pipes to bring attention to them. It is almost impossible to miss a loud noise even with your windows rolled up. This tactic is referred to as "being the loudest in the crowd".

Having a loud pipe within residential areas, however, is not acceptable. Residential areas' ambience is peaceful and very quiet. This is where riders with loud pipes go wrong.

All is not lost for riders though; you can actually interchange between being loud on highways while treating residential areas with the respect they deserve. National Cycle Exhaust makes both varieties (loud and silent) to cater to the needs of various customers. They manufacture end caps and slip-on motorcycle exhausts for the peace-loving neighborly rider while at the same time giving the same motorist power to be heard on the highway.

All said and done, there are different causes for the loud noise being produced by motorcycle exhausts. The major one is faulty mufflers. If you notice that your motorcycle is unnecessarily loud, you can minimize the noise by replacing the muffler, wrapping your exhaust pipe with sound-damping exhaust wraps, using sound damping pads in the cabin, using a resonated exhaust tip or using a v-twin exhaust pipe. Take good care of your exhaust as much as you do the whole motorcycle.

The aftermarket offers both loud and silent exhausts. So the next time you go shopping, you should enquire from your dealer if you can interchange from being loud to silent depending on your environment. Since exhaust systems are an integral part of the motorcycle, it is wise to install a good system that will enhance the performance of your motorcycle. Riders, let us steer clear of tickets if we can, they do not reflect well on us.

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