Crash bars: a wise investment for a new motorcycle

Often the question is, "what is the first food should buy a motorcycle?" A good set of crash bars, or highway bars, as some call them, is a good place to start. Crash bars are designed to protect the motorcycle at low speed (less than 24 km/h) the tip of the transfers.

I've seen cases where the crashes or highway bars is a little damage to the motorcycle and rider is the speeds of 30 km/h when the rider a little double-sided from over-rear brake braking and then slid along the ground. Crash bars to keep the bike steady on its side on top of the imposing of the rider's foot in such case. This also keeps the rider from falling into the motor bike in the parking lot and a lot easier to pick up a bike in such an event.

Keep in mind each of the manufacturers of these includes a disclaimer, stating that they are not designed to protect the rider and may not be relied upon for this purpose, in other words, the usual lawyer stuff. These disclaimers is due in part to the lawsuit filed a few years ago, when someone slammed into the bus 70 mph and then suffered serious injuries, while his motorcycle was equipped with crash bars. Lawyers have argued that a reasonable person should do, that crash bars should prevent crashes and injury to the rider. In any case, they will not prevent crashes, but that you are in a much better position than without them. In General, the wider the bar, the more they protect the wheel at low speed to avoid and if you get behind the crash bars, as well as at the front, which is even better.

Crash bars made by Harley Davidson Road King, which come standard with the Standard bars Kawasaki Nomad are the best. Both models can be used to waive the parking lot speeds all day long without any damage to the bike. This comes in handy when practicing your low speed movements and should help take away your fears MSF experienced rider course or a Rider skills course. If you wrap the heater hose and duct tape in the bars around you do not even need to worry about scratches.

Kawasaki and Harley Davidson, many companies manufacturing aftermarket Highway and crash bars nearly all cruisers.

After a series of crash bars bolt wheel you should gently lay the motor bicycle bars and check how well it protects the wheel. Is there anyone out there to help with this test, if you have problems with lifting the wheel itself.

Keep your head and eyes, and see, where to go, the motorcycle will follow.

Jerry "supplies" Palladino is shown over 3,000 motorcycle safety seminars across the country on half-time Deputy Sheriff for his work. More than 13 years to ride like a pro courses are taught to thousands of students and have never had a single accident or injury.

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