Perfect your leather motorcycle luggage stylish looks

Do you have any additions to the bike? Motorcycle bags, maybe? Is there a leather saddle bag? I was going through some of the blogs the other day, and one of the bloggers was to update, on a bike, he and his father on the progress of the adjustment. They bought six black Harley-Davidson vintage studded saddle bags; the pins are used elsewhere. As usual the leather was elegant. The idea reminded me of. Twenty years later, that the appearance of the leather seat? In fact, when was the last time I saw a leather-accessories motorcycle that looked good as new? It is hardly ever.

Motorcycle bag is the accessory. Accessories are meant for something of more value. -The value of money-Motorcycle accessories serve two purposes. Motorcycle bags, in this case, is used to ferry goods from point a to point b, and add to the beauty. Different types and a variety of motorcycle saddlebags, tank bags, waste bags, bean bags, Bike bags, sissy. All of them are used in a wide variety of luggage.

Saddle bags are a favorite with many of the riders. They are classified in two; soft and hard. Soft saddle bags straps so they are strapped onto a bike. Hard saddlebags, instead, are installed on both sides of the bike. These are also known as panniers. They can be locked; They therefore agree very Breakable valuables and luggage.

Leather, which is a natural fiber, it will take longer than synthetic fibers. This is why the most soft saddle bags made of leather; to provide flexibility and durability. So as an alternative to pull stunts to attract attention, the country on the road to let the fashionably stylish leather bag to do it for you. Elegance does not necessarily have to be expensive, just keep the same old leather bag and no one believes it is an old skin.

Of course, the first question that comes to mind is, "How do you keep the new look in the bag, ten or twenty years?" Of course, the time spent by the leather. For the most part, this is due to the harsh weather conditions and other environmental factors. Is not a good UV rays and nor does it stand up to the water. To contribute to the deterioration of air pollution.

Kept in a leather saddle bag is not an easy task, and it is then needs to be done. Leather saddle bags saddle SOAP must be cleaned regularly. Saddle soaps are used in the right condition and soften the leather. Make about two times a week. Conditioners is also recommended, although leather usually react to the chemicals in the components. To administer a protective UV layer to prevent rupture and distort the shape.

Protect your Saddle bag upon contact with water to ensure that the new look for a very long time. When the weather is humid or rainy, dispense a layer of water proof gel, before you leave. Use the cover, when it rains, or detached from the bicycle saddle bags and left the House. There are different types of leather cleaning products, it is important, therefore, for a given product instructions for use. Also, it is recommended that you stick to one brand.

Attention to the saddle leather bag can be easy if you bet on it. Wash and condition leather bag by using the right products. Do not forget to apply the protective jacket in direct sunlight and water before every ride. Do this religiously and you can enjoy the limelight for a very long time.

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